glam nap!

glam nap!

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A very limited edition eyemask. A signed and numbered edition of five.

Most things end in tears. So face the likeliest outcome in style! 

Chill the mask for 10 mins in the freezer. The coolness and weight of the mask will help take down the puffiness of your tear-stained eyes.

If you need additional tears sewn on, we are very sorry for what you are going through and can accommodate special requests.

nb if ever you are crying for days on end and cannot stop, it is very useful to have a silk handkerchief. It won't chafe your nose like paper tissues. 

Linen with block printed eyes. Three hand-sewn gold sequin tears per mask. (Sewing sequins on is SO difficult and time-consuming, we've no idea how children manage it.) Peach grosgrain ribbon. Removable 8oz flax seed insert.